US Politician and EX Presidential candidate Ron Paul is warning that a worldwide monetary crisis is imminent and that we are already in the midst of a “dangerous financial situation”.

The former House Banking Committee and well-known republican is literally encouraging pensioners and anyone with an extra dime to invest in Bitcoin-based retirement accounts like Coin IRAs and similar financial instruments. To make things even more interesting, his son, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who also ran for the US presidency, accepted Bitcoin contributions while running for president himself.

Considered by some to be a quack and others an early adopter, Paul certainly puts a different spin on cryptocurrencies and how we as a society should accept them. It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have gotten a “bad wrap” and considered by many to be “Scams” or a temporary fad which will disappear one day. While its very easy to just label all matters relating to cryptocurrencies as fraud, it is worth pointing out that “throwing out the baby with the dirty water” is not the recommended course of action as cryptocurrencies do provide opportunities in the Job sector and readily accessible ways individuals can actually hook up to their computers and start working or generating passive income using various systems such as Crypto Advantage or the Snap Cash Binary system.


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