On Wednesday, Dwayne Johnson joined Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show for some enjoyment in the sun, taking to the amusement stop dressed as mascot renditions of themselves for a session of “Race through Universal Studios.” The principles were straightforward: getting a high five from a traveler was worth one point, an embrace was worth three focuses and scoring a selfie was worth five focuses. The late-night host and previous wrestler then went their different approaches to meet and welcome whatever number clueless visitors as would be prudent!


With no real way to tell that the general population underneath the larger than usual outfits were the genuine Rock and Jimmy, fans either completely grasped the two men or shied away (had they just known reality!). At the point when time was up, a count uncovered The Rock earned 103 focuses while Jimmy brought the prize with 111 focuses.


After they had a fabulous time outside, the dynamic twosome advanced inside to the in the background segment of Jimmy’s new ride. While vacationers halted to take official ride photographs, The Rock and Jimmy snuck up behind them and photobombed them in their mascot garbs. They’d uncover themselves simply after the photograph was taken, allowing families to meet the stars.


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