Indecent Proposal actress Demi Moore is facing legal action from the parents of a 21 year old man who drowned in her pool following a party.

Edenilson Steven Valle’s heartbroken parents initially launched legal action earlier this year. However, at first, only the caretaker who was the one to throw the party was named in the documentation, along with the trust which owns the property in Beverly Hills.

However, 54 year old Demi, who was previously married to Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis, has also recently been added as one of the defendants in the case. That is despite the fact that Demi was actually out of town at the time the party took place.

Not at home

The bash was held two years ago by her caretaker while she was not at home. Most of those at the party are understood to have left, only to return later and discover Valle was face down in the pool.

Detectives believe the most likely explanation for his death is that he tripped and fell into the swimming pool at the booze-fuelled party. Earlier, he had revealed to fellow guest that he had never learned how to swim.

Documents lodged with the court say that guests at the party had to make their way around a dark pool with a deep end which was not marked and dangerous walkways. The lawsuit also claims that there was alcohol being served at the do.

It details how house manager Lenny Hernandez was aware that guests were drinking during the party and alleges that she was serving alcohol at the party which was unsafe. The documents say that images snapped by police following the death show that there are lighting issues and trip hazards.

Currently, it is not known how much money the victim’s family are seeking in damages following his death.

Following the incident, Demi released a statement in which she described what had happened as “an unthinkable tragedy”. The actress will be devastated at being named in the ongoing legal action.

At the time, Edenilson’s close friend Dulce Flores said that he was teetotal, so she did not believe that alcohol could have placed a part in his death. Dulce said she had been invited to the party at the Ghost star’s home, but had decided not to go. She revealed that she had been racked with guilt ever since as she believes, if she had been with him, he may not have died.


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