Hollywood, or as many dub it “The belly of the Beast”, is home to the most followed civil and criminal suits in the world. Any strife taking place in the most spotlighted location on earth, is a constantly repeated and anticipated headline worldwide.

The most famous superstars across history have found themselves in the middle of a sequence of lawsuits, ranging from all types of accusations to all sorts of allegations, like the ones  Johnny Depp faces in court this week.

Rupture and fire

The issue that split The Management Group (TMG) and one of their most prominent client and globally renowned actor “Johnny Depp”, has been a major news caption in the recent weeks.

Fans across the world have been following how the main star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and his previous managing company have been exchanging blames and accusation at each other, revealing one another’s “dirty laundry”.

TMG has arraigned the Movie star of suffering from a mental condition “compulsive spending disorder” and not holding up to the minimum professional standards required for an actor at his level.

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According to the blueprint presented by attorney Michael Kump on behalf of The Management Group’s Joel and Robert Mandel: “He paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ a sound engineer to read him his lines on film sets.Depp insisted that this sound engineer be kept on yearly retainer so that he no longer had to memorise his lines”

Negligence and Fraud

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In retrospect, Mr. Depp has sued TMG for negligence and fraud, claiming that the company responsible for managing his affairs have not done their job properly which caused him to have overly spent his earned money during his career.

Depp has spent over $75 million on maintaining his real estate properties, including various other leisure and luxury spendings.


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