Kendall Jenner’s is receiving backlash again after her Vogue India fashion shoot cover was released.

Readers of the magazine are outraged as the latest in controversies relating to the model and reality star after the magazine choose to use a white woman rather than a woman of Indian descent for the anniversary photoshoot.

Kendall Jenner, 21, had been selected by famous photographer Mario Testino for the cover of Vogue India’s May of 2017 edition.

The edition is the magazine’s 10-year anniversary celebration.


While Kendall Jenner looks agreeably gorgeous in the photoshoot, the issue most readers and users of social media are having is that an Indian woman could have been used to represent the India-based magazine.

“She is beautiful but I’m pretty sure in a county of over 1 billion they could have found an Indian!” said one Facebook user named Nikita Martinz . “If they want international phenomena Priyanka [Chopra] and Deepika [Padukone] are huge right now.” Some readers were also insulted that Kendall didn’t post anything about the cover to her social media accounts, as she typically does with all her magazine features. It seemed, to them, that it meant she didn’t even really care about the honor.


Jenner’s Vogue snafu has resulted in the most recent controversy the model has experienced after a difficult couple of months.

As most people are aware, Kendall starred in a disastrous advertisement for Pepsi that saw her attempting to quell a protest by simply handing an angry police officer a can of the fizzy beverage.

People believe a can of Pepsi is not the solution to the issue of police brutality and that the commercial was extremely tone dead and socially insensitive.

She was also involved in the drama surrounding the Fyre Festival disaster that unfolded last week. She had been hired to be one of the social media influencers who had initially advertised the fest all over social media.



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