Graham Perrett, an Australian lawmaker, announced on Friday that was stunned he caught the attention of U.S. celebrity TV series, Veep, after watching an episode targeting political satire. He found the show so hilarious that he accidentally chocked on a sushi meal and was knocked unconscious over his kitchen counter.


The incident left him injured with a total of three stiches in addition to a black eye and split nose that had to be patched together with surgical glue this past Sunday evening.

Perrett noted he had laughed so hard at the episode he ended up chocking on a piece of eel sushi. Staggering to catch his breath, the party lawmaker managed to smash his head off a granite counter, successfully shattering a pair of reading glasses and passing out for several seconds.

Word spread and his plight was reported on The Australian newspapers this Thursday leading to an incredulous reaction from Veep actress, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. The TV star tweeted: “I mean, c’mon, I’m actually having a hard time believing it. But the real question is — what episode?”

Perrett responded to the post stating that the first episode of Veep’s new season centered around a character named Jonah Ryan, a Congressman, who was caught red handed attempting to fake a cancer story by means of shaving his own head. The reply read: “Pure gold, your highness!!!”

Another actor on the show, Timoth Simons responded to Perrett’s tweet saying: “oh my god. oh my god.”

Official Statement

David Mandel, Veep showrunner reported to Buzzfeed his apologies to both Perrett and Australia.

“I would like to make an official statement on behalf of ‘Veep’ and the United States,” Mandel stated. “We would like to apologize to Australia, our key ally in the Asia-Pacific region, for writing something that would cause bodily harm to your people.”

Perrett said after all the entertainment “Veep” had provided him, he was glad to give some amusement back to its makers.

“For a domestic accident, it’s just been bizarre, it’s been quite surreal,” Perrett said of the attention the “Veep” connection had attracted.

“As someone who lives and breathes politics, I appreciate the nuances in ‘Veep,’ but for the actors to respond was a real buzz,” he added.

Perrett has watched two “Veep” episodes since his accident, but he has learned a lesson.

“I definitely wasn’t eating.” he said.


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