Meryl Streep has won a “Best Narrator” Emmy for her role in the documentary “Five Came Back,” making it the third Emmy of her career, on top of her three Oscars.

The Emmy

Just as predicted by Gold Derby, Meryl Streep has won a “Best Narrator” Emmy for her role in the documentary “Five Came Back,” marking the third Emmy in her acting career. The award also accompanies her three Oscars.

She was up against Laurence Fishburne, for his role in “Year Million,” Ewan McGregor, for “Wild Scotland,” Sam Neill for “Wild New Zealand,” as well as Live Schreiber, a double-nominee for “Muhammad Ali: Only One” and “UConn: The March to Madness.”

The past three winners for the Emmy were: Keith David, for “Jackie Robinson” (2016), Peter Coyote, for “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History” (2015) and Jeremy Irons, for “Game of Lions” (2014). The category Best Narrator was separated from the “Best Character Voice-Over Performance” category in 2014.

Unfortunately, Streep was not present to personally accept her award.

The “Five Came Back” Documentary

The three-part documentary “Five Came Back” streamed on Netflix on March 31st. It’s based on a book by Mark Harris, which profiles five directors who put a hold on their careers in Hollywood to fight for their country in the Second World War.

The directors who played them were: “Steven Spielberg for William Wyler, Guillermo del Toro for Frank Capra, Paul Greengrass for John Ford, Francis Ford Coppola for John Huston and Lawrence Kasdan for George Stevens.”

Streep narrated all three of the documentary parts, but she was awarded the Emmy for the finale “The Price of Victory,” when all the directors were coming home from the war, speaking about how it affected both their personal and their professional lives forever.

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