LeBron James gave off an impression of being disturbed about how his teammate was defending Paul George, who scored 16 back to back Pacers points while they were in overtime and ended with 43 points total. 3I0-012 dumps James, who accumulated 41 points, 16 rebounds, and 11 assists, was George’s essential opponent, however the Pacers were running plays that constrained Tristan Thompson to change to George.


Minutes after Cavs forward Kevin Love hit a key 3-pointer for a four-point lead with 26 seconds left, rapture on the Cavs’ seat was destroyed when James and Thompson argued back and forth. 1Z0-060 dumps James hollered at Thompson as they were strolling to the seat and waved off Coach Tyronn Lue when he endeavored to quiet James’ down. Thompson snapped back at James, trading words in the group during one of their timeouts.


After James apologized to Thompson in the locker room, general manager for the Cavs David Griffin addressed Thompson quickly before Thompson tended to journalists. Thompson and James have the same agent and a cozy relationship off the court, much of the time working out together and getting to know one another socially.


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