Among A-list celebrities who graced last Monday’s Met Gala Night was Steve Colbert and wife Evelyn. They appeared on the red carpet colorfully dressed to the delight of their fans.

The couple who have been together for 25 years made a rare appearance at the show. Colbert and his wife are noted for their laid-back lifestyle and rarely appear at public functions.

On the night, the couple spent some time speaking with Brandon Stanton, the Humans of New York city photographer. Stanton it appears had unfettered access to the event and took photographs of the couple after sessions with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

In a surprise gesture, Colbert opened up to Stanton about his relationship with his spouse, with Evelyn revealing why she finds the comedian “sexy”.

In a post on instagram, which was shared by Stanton, Evelyn is apparently quoted as saying about Colbert “He’s so sexy” and even went on to add that he taught her the importance of being “silly” which according to her was the opposite of grief.

It will be recalled that in a live recording in 2016 of “The Late Show”, Colbert revealed to the audience how the couple met. According to the comedian, he met his wife when he was at a crossroads on whether to tie the knot or not with a woman head been seeing for some time.

Taking a trip to South Carolina in a bid to think through his next step as regards his romantic quandary, he met his future wife Evelyn at an opera opening of Allen Ginsberg and Philip Glass. This was to be a story of love at first sight as the comedian related that he knew she would be his wife the moment he laid eyes on her. To their surprise, the couple later realized they had grown up only few blocks away from each other.

Stanton Gets The Stars To Wax Emotional

In related news, Humans of New York photographer Brando Stanton got some stars to wax emotional on the Met Gala Night.

Speaking with Evelyn, Stephen Colbert’s Wife, she gushed about how “sexy” her husband was. In a session with Ryan Reynolds, he opened up about his wife Blake Lively. Reynolds remarked that his wife had made him a “more empathetic person”, ensuring he remembers check good times “after a turbulent relationship with his late father.

Serena Williams and fiancée Alexis Ohanian were also not left out of the photographer’s growing list of celebrity chat sessions. Ohanian remarked about Serena, saying she had the” biggest heart” as her successes were based on her large heart and how she gave “100% of herself” to her friends and family.

The photographer also got an exclusive form Megyn Kelly’s husband at last year’s gala. He and his celebrity sessions are starting to be a regular feature on the Gala night. Expect more revelations next year folks.


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