Rihanna’s highly anticipated “Fenty Beauty” makeup collection has finally arrived in over 150 countries.

The Beauty Collection

Rihanna’s highly-anticipated “Fenty Beauty” makeup collection has finally been released in over 150 countries. The collection had spent over two years in research and development, in addition to months of commercial teasing.

The collection will be sol at Sephora stores in all 150 countries, as well as online. The products were made available for sale at exactly midnight Eastern Time on Friday September 8th. It is also available in the UK at Harvey Nichols, the luxury department store.

All products are quite affordable, in comparison to other brands, ranging from $20 and $39. Her highly anticipated “universal lip illuminator” will be coming in one “universal shade” at around $20.

What Rihanna is aiming for in her collection is to target typically “hard-to-match” skin tones, and to be useful for all skin types.

The Launch Event

Her launch event, Billboard Style, took place On Thursday at 7:15pm Eastern Time. Rihanna also used her twitter account and her corresponding “Fenty Beauty” account to tweet sneak peeks of her products, shortly before the event started.

At the event, Rihanna spoke about her line, particularly emphasizing on the need for diversity. Her makeup line currently has over 40 different shades.

“It’s really important for me. In every product I was like “there needs to be something for a dark-skinned girl, there needs to be something for a really pale girl, there needs to be something for someone in between.” There are so many different shades, there’s red undertones, there’s green undertones, there’s blue undertones, there’s pink undertones.

“You just never know, so you want someone to appreciate the product and not feel like “Oh that’s cute but it only looks good on her.”


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