Glee star Lea Michele says she had never eaten fast food in her entire life. Instead, the 30 year old says that she loves eating big portions of healthy food.

She has, however, admitted she has a weakness for red wine. Lea was vegetarian for a decade and also vegan for a while. She is not immune to craving the odd treat though and says she enjoys the odd slice of pizza, some mac n cheese and grilled cheese.

Working out

Lea, who is starring in Scream Queens, is renowned for her love of exercise, so should work off any naughty treats. She loves hiking and says that working out is a big part of her life.

Pointing out her Italian roots, she said he liked to exercise so she could eat what she wanted to. She is currently touring her new album, Places.

Releasing a new album, Lea says that her music has helped her to feel hope for the future again following the loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith four years ago.

While she said that people had preconceptions about who she was and where she was at. However, Lea said that she was currently in a happy, strong place.


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