American ballet dancer Melanie Hamrick has been spotted playing in the park with her baby son Devereaux Jagger.

The 29 year old has kept a fairly low profile since welcoming her little boy into the world at the end of last year. However, she was recently pictured looking happy and relaxed as she cuddled Devereaux, who is Jagger’s eighth child.

Sitting in New York’s Central Park, she was seen holding up and son and lifting him gently back down in her arms to give Devereaux a kiss. She was joined by her sister and the pair chatted in the sunshine, giving plenty of attention to the baby boy.

Family resemblance

The little boy, whose full name is Deveraux Octavian Basil, was born in December. Already, he is showing a very strong resemblance to his Rolling Stones frontman father, with a distinctive pout and the chubby cheeks his father had as a youngster.

Even though she gave birth just a few months ago, Melanie, who is 44 years Sir Mick’s junior, looked to be in fantastic shape, dressed casually in an on trend floral shirt and a pair of jeans. She is currently taking time out from dancing with the American Ballet Theatre Corps de Ballet.




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