Zayn Malik, a former member of the boy band One Direction, was seen on a wheelchair as he arrived his girlfriend’s apartment in New York.

This has generated concern and sparked pity among his teeming fans. He was being pushed in a wheelchair by a woman who appeared to be an assistant.

On arrival at his girlfriend’s apartment, he was seen sporting ripped jeans, which had one leg rolled up, a T-shirt and messy hair.

Pictures of him surfaced online and have sparked debate and rumors about his health. On Twitter, fans were quick to share their opinions on the hashtag #GetwellsoonZayn which trended for a while.

One particularly concerned fan tweeted “I feel like a father who is suffering because his son got hurt and I’m worried about it”.

Fans were however relieved when news filtered from his spokesperson that Zayn only “injured his foot” and was “doing well”. Despite the cheering news however, some fans are still worried about his recovery.

Only some days ago, Zayn seemed to be in better health and was not on any wheelchair as he was spotted by the side of his girlfriend Gigi Hadid. He was also noted to have celebrated her birthday with her with the couple going on to release some romantic pics on social media platform instagram.


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