Model and author Chrissy Teigen has admitted to having multiple plastic surgery procedures done on her, including an armpit liposuction. The 31-year-old top Model made the revelation recently while speaking with beauty editors on Thursday night.

She pointed jokingly that everything about her was fake besides her cheeks. She went on to point at her forehead, lips and nose saying they were “fake, fake, fake”. When quizzed about the craziest procedure she has had to date, it revealed it was an armpit liposuction, which involved sucking out fat from underneath her armpit saying her arms looked longer after the procedure.

She however added that she had “regrets” and wasn’t the least bit shy about having discussions on the subject matter.

Beyoncé On The Verge Of Delivery


If recent rumors are anything to go by, then it will not be long before the world says hello to Beyoncé’s twins.

The 35-year-old multi Grammy award-winning singer Beyonce who is heavily pregnant with twins has been rumored to have moved into a rental home with her family located a few minutes’ drive from the Cedar Sinai Hospital in LA.

Sources close to the family have leaked the information suggesting the move only meant her delivery was imminent.

Reports have it that her husband Jay Z was under pressure to secure an apartment close to the hospital as Beyonce did not want to reside in a hotel after her delivery. The celebrity couple currently has no permanent home.



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