Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise was spotted zipping through the streets of Paris while filming the sixth installment in the movie franchise.

The 53 year old was seen on a BMW motorbike, riding through streets in the French capital. Dressed all in black, including a leather jacket, he was smiling as he drove. He was smiling and waving at members of the public who gathered to watch.

The latest scenes come after he and 26 year old Vanessa Kirby were filmed sharing a kiss. While it is thought that the smooch was part of the movie, the pair have been getting close between takes and have been spotted laughing and joking together.


It is understood that Tom hand picked Vanessa to appear in his movie after being impressed by her portrayal of Princess Margaret in the hit Netflix series The Crown. Tom was said to be blown away by her “charm and energy”. When they got together, the chemistry between them was immediately obvious and she was offered a role in Mission Impossible straight away.

Father of three Tom is said to be ready to settle down again. He has previously been married to fellow actors Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.


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