Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres says she will never invite Donald Trump to be one of her interviewees because she knows she would never be able to change his mind.

Ellen, 59, had the tables turned when she was the one interviewed on the Today programme with Matt Lauer. She told Matt that the current US President was against everything she stands for.

The star has been openly gay for the past two decades. She is also very active in a number of causes including PETA. She said it was necessary to look at people who look different and believe differently, but still be accepting and let them have the same rights as everyone else.

Baby gifts

Ellen has met Trump before. She even filmed with him when he was still hosting Celebrity Apprentice, and she handed him baby gifts when his wife Melania was expecting.

The host has interviewed other political guests previously, including President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. However, she will not be extending the same invitation to President Trump.

During her latest interview, she also spoke candidly about coming out as gay. She said that at the time her revelation meant the loss of her career. She was offered nothing in three years and was worried about whether she would ever work again.

Marriage rumours

Ellen is married to the former Ally McBeal star Portia de Rossi. The pair are often spotted out and about together looking loved up. While there have previously been divorce rumours, the two have moved to quash any suggestion that they are splitting up.

Both have insisted that their marriage is absolutely fine. However, Portia fuelled speculation when she was seen earlier this month without her wedding ring.

According to reports, the pair have been arguing a lot of late, with the crew on Ellen’s daytime show witnessing some of their blowouts. The arguments are said to center around Portia feeling that she is being left at home, waiting for Ellen to give her some attention.

The couple also have two of their properties up for sale and are looking for buyers for their mansion in Santa Barbara and their condo in Beverly Hills. They are asking a huge $58m for the bigger property and $7m for the apartment. It is understood that the two are busy splitting their assets before making a public announcement. The proceeds of the sale are expected to go towards any final settlement.


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