The “Last Week Tonight” show host John Oliver spoke up about many of Donald Trump’s recent decisions, concluding that he is “clearly out of his f**king mind”.

His Comments On DACA

Last Sunday, on the most recent episode of “Last Week Tonight,” show host John Oliver has spoken up on Donald Trump’s most recent decisions and outlines the root cause of all his problems, saying: “This guy is clearly out of his f**cking mind.”

One thing he criticized was Trump’s decision to cancel the “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA), arguing that he took away the legalities of over 800,000 immigrants without the courtesy of a thorough explanation.

Trump’s order has called for Dreamers deportation out of the US and back to their native countries over the upcoming six months, unless Congress comes up with a fix on immigration.

“He’s all over the place,” Oliver said. “Dreamers have to go. Or maybe they can come back. Or maybe they don’t have to go at all. And in the meantime, 800,000 people’s lives are in the balance.”

More Trump Decisions

Another recent decision Trump has made was his pardoning of Joe Arpaio, the Arizona sheriff who was convicted for defying a judge order regarding “years of racial profiling on the part of his department.”

Oliver commented on this, saying: “Presidential pardons are one of the most powerful tools available to a president.”

Trump had explained his decision to pardon Arpaio, saying that Arpaio was just “simply doing his job to keep the community safe.”

Oliver disputed that, saying: “He was not ‘just doing his job,’” he said. “He was also doing something illegal. You wouldn’t say that John Wayne Gacy was just doing his job, even though he was, by all accounts, a pretty good birthday clown. The real problem with Trump’s pardon is that Arpaio broke the rules he was sworn to uphold.”


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