“Shiloh” star, Blake Heron, has been found dead today at the age of 35. The cause of his death remains currently unknown, although many speculate it might have been related to his battle with heroin.

His Death

Blake Heron, the star who played “Marty Preston” in the classic 1996 movie “Shiloh” has reportedly been found dead in his Los Angeles home on Friday morning. According to TMZ, his girlfriend found him unresponsive inside his home and immediately called the paramedics.

They tried to resuscitate him for about 40 minutes, but was later pronounced dead. It remains unclear what might have caused Heron’s death. Although TMZ claims that he was sick a few days before his death, and speculated that it might be linked to his battle with heroin, nothing has been corroborated for certain.

According to TMZ’s reports, no illicit drugs were found in his home or near his body, but they did find “several prescriptions, but they were for the flu.” The report also said that there “was no evidence he had consumed alcohol.”

According to his Instagram account, Heron had just come back after a Paris trip with his girlfriend. The post read: “Our last night in Paris. We had a rad dinner cruise on the Seine River to cap our week off.”

Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

Blake’s Career

Blake rose to fame after his role in the classic 1996 movie “Shiloh,” but was still making movies before he died. He had starred in a few episodes of “NCIS: New Orleans, Justified as well as Criminal Minds recently. He was also in the movies “We Were Soldiers (2002),” and “Cheaters (2000).

He had also played a heroin addict, with his same name in the movie “A Thousand Junkies (2017),” which was screened in “Tribeca Film Festival.”


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